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The efficiency and productivity of professionals like lawyers and medical consultants depends on letters and documents being completed impeccably and on time. They are considerably dependent on their secretary. When s/he is off on holiday or sick, or has a family crisis, the disruption makes these professionals feel severely constrained. Even more importantly, what if the professionals themselves were too sick to come in to the office, but could work from home?

What if they could dictate their work during day or night, and have it arrive back in a matter of hours?

Our Transcription Services offer them the freedom to work flexibly. These services effectively transcribe their dictations within a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours - most of which while they sleep, thanks to time zone differences.

The most significant characteristics of these services are:

Cost Savings - By using these services, our overseas customers have achieved cost savings of up to 30 to 40%.
Security of Customer’s Data – The entire content is encrypted and transferred to-and-fro through
secure FTP protocols over the Internet.
Ease of Use – After dictating into a Dictaphone or the PC, the customer needs to just press a button to
send the contents to us.
Backup and Tracking – The dictation and transcribed files are adequately backed up and tracked at
each stage to provide the customer the job status.
iNet Transcribe - This is a unique easy-to-use software product developed by DSS for transcription.
  tracking. It comes free to all users of our transcription services. Besides ensuring that the dictations and transcriptions are transferred through secure FTP protocols over the Internet, iNet Transcribe automatically updates/ informs the job status and billing.

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Key Features

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Offers you freedom to work flexibly
Maximum turnaround of 24 hours
Cost savings of up to 30-40%
Easy-to-use software for transcription tracking
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