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DSS uses a well defined process for re-engineering a product/s, which comprises the following stages :

Stage 01:
The functionality of the existing product is studied.
Stage 02:
Use cases are developed based on this study.
Stage 03:
Additional functionality for the product [if required] is discussed with the client.
Stage 04:
The existing use cases are modified and new use cases are developed and added.
Stage 05:
The system is further analyzed [Using the developed use cases] and then modeled [Using the OOAD approach with UML]
Stage 06:
A prototype demonstrating the salient features of the user interface is built.
Stage 07:
The system is specified using the model.
Stage 08:
Programming specifications are developed using the model and test plans for
program, module and system level testing are prepared.
Stage 09:
Specifying the agreeing the development plan and delivery schedule with the client.
Stage 10:
Software development, automated/manual testing and acceptance testing by the customer for each agreed software deliverable.
Stage 11:
Delivering the final, bug free product.

Select Case Studies of Re-engineering Products



Key Features

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Use cases developed based on study of existing product functionality
Modification of existing use cases & new use cases based on additional functionality required
Analysis & design using OOAD with UML
Prototype building
Iterative development & testing
Progressive deliveries to Customer
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